Hormone Replacement Therapy

hormone-replacement-modelInterested in feeling and possibly looking younger, like you did decades ago?

Many of us suffer from hormone deficiency without even being aware of it. As we age, the hormone levels in our body begin to go down. For some patients, that downward progression starts at an earlier age leading to many of the following: a sensation of being tired, thinning of hair, weight gain, loss of sexual prowess, hot flashes, and premature aging.

Gravity Medical Spa now offers bio-identical hormone supplementation for both men and women to help you not only look, but also feel your best!

Do hormones affect your life?

Many changes are associated with aging: increasing weight with decreasing muscle mass, high blood pressure, poor cardiac function, decreased body temperature, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, decreasing energy, decreasing sex drive (libido), osteoporosis, hair loss, brittle nails, poor quality skin, poor healing, decreasing mental function, senility, and shortened life span. Associated with the changes and aging, is the decreasing level of many hormones. The current thinking is that replacing the hormones that decrease as one ages can reverse many of these aging changes, make one feel better and improve one’s quality of life. If any of these changes are affecting you or if you are aging, you will enjoy discussing these issues.

The following hormones will be discussed:

  • Human growth hormone
  • Estrogen
  • Melatonin
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Thyroid
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Combining these hormones with a healthy lifestyle including use of vitamins, omega-3 oils, proper diet, not using tobacco, and exercise will promote increased quality of life.

The Practice Of Longevity Or Antiaging Medicine


We physicians and most other people accept the aging process. With it come such problems as obesity, loss of muscle mass, heart disease, high blood pressure, lethargy, decreased sex drive and performance, thinning hair, bad skin, breaking nails, fatigue and decreased endurance. It is indeed reassuring to know that people no longer have to accept these adverse changes. With advances made in our knowledge of hormones and related regulators of bodily function, many of them can now be prevented or reversed.  It is for that reason that hormone replacement therapy has become a cornerstone of the treatments offered as it helps not only to reverse the current conditions you may have, but works in a preventive manner to give you better quality of life moving forward.

At Gravity Med Spa, we carefully subscribe hormones, vitamins, supplements, and antioxidants to help reverse or slow the aging processes, to make you immediately feel better, and, possibly, even extend your life span. We believe that every patient is entitled to feel well, live well, and look good regardless of their age!  Each treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs and is designed to help YOU specifically. The HRT (hormone replacement therapy) practitioners’ goal is to augment the care that you receive from your general and specialist physicians rather than become their replacement. Hormone Replacement Therapy consists of augmenting your body’s diminishing production of naturally occurring regulatory hormones. The hormones prescribed include DHEA, “natural” estrogen, human growth hormone, melatonin, pregnenolone, progesterone (not the synthetic progestin), and the active thyroid hormone, T3, as well as T4 (Synthroid). We monitor the augmentation process before, during, and after you are stabilized by watching the levels of the various hormones in your blood and by monitoring your reports as to how you feel. We also suggest additional vitamins, antioxidants, and supplements that your particular body might need.  Lastly, the program is combined with appropriate diet control and exercise.

Because this is a new approach to the practice of medicine, we must admit that we were curious but cautious as we learned more about the role of hormones in the maintenance of health. Medicine has always been based upon a model wherein the physician treats the mal-functioning or sick patient not the well patient.  Aging was viewed as normal and outside the boundaries of medical practice. Therefore, maximizing the quality of healthy life is a new concept in mainstream medicine. After reviewing the current medical literature and working alongside the leaders in the field of anti-aging medicine,  we were unconditionally convinced.  The practice of longevity and anti-aging medicine is based on years of reputable research that has been published in the major medical journals (Journal of the American Medical Association, the New England Journal of Medicine, etc.).  Should you have any questions about our hormone replacement program or wish to discuss the benefits or risks of hormone replacement therapy, ask one of our knowledgeable physicians.

We at Gravity Med Spa are truly enthusiastic about being able to make hormone replacement therapy available to all of you who want to maximize your quality of life.

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