RF Microneedling

What do you do if your skin doesn’t look its greatest — and you have already tried every over-the-counter remedy? Your skin communicates a great deal to the world. It can tell people if you are eating and sleeping well and generally taking good care of yourself. But you might be doing all of these things and still experiencing skin problems that you can’t resolve. If you have tried to improve your skin but still feel unhappy about the way it looks, you can take a simple step that will make a world of difference.

You can consult the skin treatment experts at Gravity Medical Spa. Gravity offers treatments to improve almost all of the most common skin problems, from mild to severe. For example, if you have mild skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles or other issues, such as enlarged pores or acne scars, that are affecting your look and your confidence, you can now have a game-changing new skin treatment, which is now being offered by the skincare professionals at Gravity.

The treatment is called Scarlet RF radiofrequency microneedling or RF microneedling and it has revolutionized the treatment of a wide variety of skin concerns. Scarlet RF’s versatility is matched only by its safety, effectiveness and convenience. Scarlet RF achieves long-lasting and visible results by working within the deeper layers of the skin, providing more than just topical rejuvenation. As a result, the treatment offers qualitatively better results than other treatments that also last longer.

Ready to discover the difference that an Scarle RF microneedling treatment can make in your life? The experts at Gravity Medical Spa would love to tell you more about this advanced treatment in-person and examine your skin to see if you qualify. You can prepare for your consultation by getting more information here before your office visit.

What is Scarlet Radiofrequency Microneedling?

First, let’s talk about microneedling. Microneedling is a form of minimally-invasive skin treatment that spurs your body’s natural healing responses to rejuvenate your skin. As its name implies, microneedling applies a series of exceptionally fine, short needles to the skin, where improvement is desired. Your body immediately responds to these numerous, tiny wounds, initiating a process called neocollagenesis. Put simply, skin tissues in treated areas begin to produce more collagen and elastin to aid healing.

Collagen and elastin do the work of making your skin look fresher, younger and more vibrant. These two essential body proteins help rebuild the underlying structures of the skin, returning your skin’s natural tone and elasticity. Special growth hormones responsible for healthy skin healing also permeate treated areas after microneedling, further helping minimize skin concerns, from acne scars to age spots and enlarged pores. Radiofrequency microneedling, however, offers even more benefits than microneedling alone.

How does radiofrequency microneedling differ from microneedling?

Radiofrequency microneedling adds a state-of-the-art treatment modality to an already highly-effective treatment, further boosting your results. When you have a radiofrequency microneedling treatment or RF microneedling — like the Scarlet Radiofrequency Microneedling procedure now offered at Gravity — your skin will also receive warming energy in the deeper tissue layers. By combining skin tissue warming with micro puncturing, you can enjoy more comprehensive healing and rejuvenation throughout the skin, instead of merely at the skin’s surface.

What is PRP and how will it enhance my Scarlet RF microneedling treatment?

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a protein found in your blood. The compound is rich in growth hormones naturally produced by the body. PRP can be safely extracted from your blood in your doctor’s offices, through a standard blood draw, and be used to enhance your Scarlet RF microneedling treatment. Here’s how it works.

Before you have Scarlet RF Microneedling, your doctor will draw your blood then centrifuge it (spin it at high speeds using a precision medical device), which will separate the PRP from other components in the blood.

Afterward, once your doctor has performed your microneedling treatment, she will apply the PRP to your skin, where it will be absorbed into the skin’s deeper layers, where it will help boost your healing and results.

Microneedling spurs neocollagenesis and also creates a pathway ideal for the use of PRP, making even more comprehensive rejuvenation possible. If you plan on having a microneedling treatment, PRP is a natural and highly-effective way to get even more from your treatment, safely, for maximum results.

Why should I have an Scarlet RF Microneedling treatment as opposed to any other type of RF microneedling?

Scarlet RF Microneedling has taken RF microneedling to the next level with advanced technology that leads to substantially more comfortable treatments with better results than competing devices.

Scarlet RF Microneedling offers:

  • The world’s first FDA-cleared motorized RF microneedling device, which provides a smoother and faster application compared to other devices
  • The device’s smooth, gliding needle makes the treatment more comfortable for patients as well as more efficient
  • Scarlet RF’s Microneedling advanced electronics better protect the skin while allowing for maximal dermal heating for enhanced results
  • Gold-plated needles deliver more energy to the deeper layers of skin, making greater heating and rejuvenation possible
  • Proprietary fractional, pulse-mode technology helps to ensure patient safety throughout treatment

With more energy delivered to the skin in a shorter amount of time, an Scarlet RF microneedling treatment requires less time to perform than similar treatments using other devices. More heat delivery to the skin also produces greater healing with faster recovery times.

Additionally, the device’s advanced delivery systems give patients like you a qualitatively easier recovery — with no bleeding or bruising to contend with. More heat also directly leads to more healing and deeper, more substantial and longer-lasting rejuvenation.

Scarlet RF microneedling also gives your provider greater control over the depth of the needles applied during your treatment for more precise targeting of concern areas and optimal energy delivery. Scarlet RF Microneedling precision technology ensures you receive the maximum results from your treatment session with less hassle.

What problems does Scarlet RF microneedling treat?

Scarlet RF microneedling treats numerous skin conditions that can have a dramatic negative impact on your appearance. After Scarlet RF microneedling, you can expect substantial improvements to all of the following issues if you have them:

  • Fine lines, folds and wrinkles in the face
  • Scars including acne, chickenpox and scars from surgery in the face
  • Age spots and sun damage
  • Lines between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Lines around the lips (smoker’s lines)
  • Hyperpigmentation throughout the face
  • Enlarged pores

If you have facial skin issues that you believe require treatment, but you are unsure if Scarlet RF microneedling is the right approach for you, visit Gravity Medical Spa for your in-person consultation. After an examination of your skin, your doctor can quickly direct you to the most appropriate and effective form of treatment for your issues, whether that is Scarlet RF microneedling or another service offered by Gravity.

What skin benefits does Scarlet RF Microneedling provide?

Scarlet RF microneedling offers men and women a variety of benefits that extend far beyond those provided by procedures, which just treat the surface of the skin. However, since Scarlet is minimally-invasive, you can enjoy the freedom of delaying more aggressive forms of treatment, in some cases, indefinitely.

Scarlet RF microneedling offers:

  • Improved skin tone
  • Restored skin elasticity
  • Smoothed lines, wrinkles and folds
  • Reduced pore size
  • A minimization in skin damage, such as acne scars, age spots, sun damage and stretch marks

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of an Scarlet RF Microneedling treatment is that you can have all of these advantages through a completely natural form of treatment; Scarlet RF microneedling produces results by activating your body’s natural healing response, neocollagenesis, for maximum safety.

How do I know if I qualify for an Scarlet RF microneedling treatment?

Scarlet RF microneedling has few contraindications. You can have the treatment regardless of your skin tone or skin type. Like all microneedling treatments, you will also have a very low risk of hyperpigmentation issues after treatment. A few individuals will need to wait, however, before having Scarlet RF microneedling. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to have your treatment afterward. Also, Accutane users must wait a few months after discontinuing the medication before having Scarlet RF microneedling.

To be sure you qualify for the treatment and to determine if it is the best procedure to achieve your goals, schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Tonya Boudreaux at Gravity Medical Spa. Your doctor will spend time with you, listening to your concerns and examining your areas of concern to arrive at the best solution for needs and body goals. Your safety is always your doctor’s top priority while ensuring you leave with a beautiful new look that highlights and celebrates the features which make you individual and attractive.

What is the Scarlet RF microneedling procedure like?

Your Scarlet RF microneedling begins with a cleansing of the areas to be treated. Afterward, you will receive a numbing agent to ensure your complete comfort. Once the area has been fully prepared for treatment, your provider will begin by passing the device over your concern areas. The length of your session will be determined by the amount of skin you are having treated; however, in most cases, your Scarlet RF session will last no more than an hour. The treatment’s effectiveness and convenience make it an exceptionally desirable procedure.

How many Scarlet RF microneedling treatments will I need to achieve to obtain my results?

The number of Scarlet RF microneedling treatments you will need will depend on your initial symptoms. Your doctor will try to estimate as accurately as possible how many treatments you will need during your consultation and communicate that to you then. However, most patients enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment when they have three treatments about four to six weeks apart.

What is recovery like after Scarlet RF microneedling?

A few mild and temporary side effects are common and natural after Scarlet RF microneedling. They typically include some redness, tenderness and swelling in treated areas. Many patients compare the sensation on their skin after treatment to a sunburn. Your skin may also peel where you have had the treatment. All these symptoms will fade rapidly and, usually, you will look and feel much better within 24 hours of treatment and often as quickly as 12 hours post-Scarlet RF Microneedling. If you are concerned about any of your symptoms, contact your doctor right away. The Gravity team wants to ensure your complete comfort throughout your brief recovery.

Will I have to follow an aftercare program after my Scarlet RF microneedling treatment?

Yes, your skin will be tender and healing; however, this is only temporary. During this time, you can increase your comfort and protect your results by following a few simple steps. Sunscreen will help protect your sensitive skin and you should also stay out of direct sun for about 48 hours as an added precaution. It is also recommended to wear sunscreen for a few months after treatment. Women should avoid applying makeup for the first day after treatment but, afterward, can return to their usual beauty routines. Glycolic-acid treatments should continue to be avoided while your skin feels sensitive.

When will I see my Scarlet RF Microneedling results?

Your Scarlet RF microneedling results begin on the day of your treatment; however, they will become more apparent only after the immediate side effects of the procedure have subsided. Your beautiful, smoother, more toned skin — free of blemishes and damage — will continue to develop in the weeks after your Scarlet RF Microneedling session, as well, as collagen and elastin remodel your skin each day. You will be able to enjoy the substantial, new improvements to your skin for months and even years afterward, especially if you maintain healthy skincare habits.

Who do I call to have Scarlet RF microneedling now?

Scarlet RF’s microneedling innovations in radiofrequency microneedling make dramatically improved and beautiful skin possible now. Adding PRP to your treatment can further enhance your results. And when you have your skin treatment performed by the exceptionally well-qualified and experienced skincare providers at Gravity Medical Spa, you can ensure that your look will genuinely reflect your inner spirit!

Call Dr. Tonya Boudreaux at Gravity Medical Spa today for your in-person consultation and to get started on your Scarlet RF Microneedling treatment with PRP. You can reach the practice at 949-387-6118.

Great skin begins with Gravity!