Dyschromia refers to a disorder of pigmentation of the skin or hair.  

While dyschromia can refer to hypopigmentation (decreased coloration) or hyperpigmentation (increased coloration), it is the hyperpigmentation that is more commonly treated using various modalities at Gravity Medical Spa.  Hyperpigmentation can be triggered by hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and birth control pills and can fade without adjuvant treatment.  However, patients that have persistent discoloration of the skin may benefit from more aggressive intervention. 

Initial treatments may range from topical treatments such as hydroquinone (bleaching agent), retinoids, or steroids.  Occasionally chemical peels such as TCA (tri-chloro-acetic acid) can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigementation that did not have sufficient improvement from topical agents.  In other cases, IPL (intense pulse light) and lasers such as the ResurFX fractional laser can be used to improve skin color and texture.

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