What is MicroBlading?

Microblading, or Eyebrow Embroidery, is a procedure of semi-permanent tattooing of the eyebrows.  In a treatment that typically takes 2-3 hours to complete, patients can expect an improvement in eyebrow shape and fullness.  Microblading can significantly help those with sparse eyebrow hair that may result from aging or over tweezing.  It can also help those that have little to no eyebrows.  The treatment, which has results lasting 1-3 years, is performed using a hand tool and ultra fine needles to etch the “hairs” into the skin.

How long does it last?

Since the pigments used in microblading are not implanted deep within the tissues (unlike conventional tattoos), there will be a fading of the pigment with time.  Typically, patients can expect to see a lasting effect for 1-3 years depending on skin type, skin pigment, and age.    Results will also fade sooner with more aggressive skin treatments such as significant tanning/sun exposure and use of acids on the face which will resurface the skin.

Is it painful?

There is some discomfort during the procedure.  In an effort to minimize pain, we do offer topical anesthetic to patients to help numb the area.  Patients can expect redness and swelling in the area after the treatment.  The discomfort immediately after the procedure is much like the discomfort of a sunburn that is easily managed with Tylenol.

How long does it take to heal?

Patients can expect to have redness for several days after the procedure.  The color of the pigment will appear darker at first and lighten with subsequent weeks.    As the healing process continues, scabs may form in the areas that were manipulated.  These scabs will fall by themselves and SHOULD NOT BE PICKED OFF.  Over the course of the two weeks, the area will heal but it may take up to a month for the pigment to set in and to see the final pigment of your eyebrows.  It is for this reason that we typically will schedule a follow up visit at 4-6 weeks to evaluate the results of your treatment and possible need for a “touch up”.

Do I need to have re-treatments or touch up sessions for maintenance?

As everyone is a bit different in their healing, a touch up session is typically scheduled for 1-2 months after your initial appointment.  This will allow for pigment adjustments.

After the initial treatment, we typically recommend close follow up with our aestheticians to make sure your results are lasting and vibrant all year round. 

We typically recommend a re-treatment every 12-18 months to ensure the effects of microblading

Are there any risks/complications associated with the procedure?

Risks of the procedure include but are not limited to:

  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Scarring
  • Inconsistent color/color spreading
  • Pigment fading
  • Asymmetry

What is the typical post care regimen?

  1. After the procedure, the healing area will have some yellow crusting.  This can be cleaned gently with distilled water using a cotton tip applicator. 
  2. Neosporin (a thin film) should be applied to the healing area to maintain moisture and help prevent bacterial infection.  Neosporin should be reapplied twice daily
  3. Do not immerse the treated area for 2 weeks.  Avoid swimming and saunas for this time period.
  4. Do not use make up on the brow area for 10-14 days
  5. Avoid alcohol, aspirin/ibuprofen, and blood thinning agents as they can increase your risk of oozing/bleeding
  6. No face scrubs or chemical peels for 14 days after the procedure
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