Welcome to Gravity MedSpa

At Gravity MedSpa we offer the latest skin care and anti-aging procedures.  With skilled medical professionals and beauty therapists, we excel in providing effective skin care services with optimum results.

We are a fully functional MedSpa with all major services based in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  We focus on providing soothing, relaxing MedSpa services at competitive prices.  We take you to a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, and balance.  With our wide array of skin services, we try to restore wellness and beauty among our clients.

Our goal at Gravity MedSpa is for every patient’s new found glow to be noticed by their friends and family after having received one of the many treatments that we offer.  In a world that has you going in all different directions, let us be your gravity.


Meet Dr.Tonya Boudreaux

Tonya Boudreaux, M.D. was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, a small community 3 hours outside of New Orleans. She has a great passion for facial rejuvenation and is dedicated to making her patients appear as vibrant as possible. Tonya is board certified in pediatrics.


Meet Dr.Paul Chugay

Born in Santa Ana California and raised in Newport Beach, Paul loves helping people and making them feel beautiful. With an artistic plastic surgeon as his father and an aspiring model as his mother; Paul’s entry into the field of cosmetic surgery seemed the natural choice.


Meet Dr.Nikolas V. Chugay

Dr. Chugay has over 30 years of experience in Facial Plastic, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. He has performed over 30,000 surgical procedures, published numerous articles in medical press, designed many new procedures, & invented several new implants used for muscular augmentation.

Our Philosophy

There is no other place like Gravity MedSpa.

Our goal is to work with each individual patient to defy gravity and balance beauty.

We aim to provide natural looking results that create a noticeable impact. We want people to notice but not to “know”.

Unlike some other medical practices, our physicians spend 100% of their time dedicated to Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery. Our reputation and excellent patient outcomes are a direct result of experience—We enhance beauty all day every day through minimally invasive and surgical procedures.

We love technology; but we also love education and training. At Gravity MedSpa we have an unwavering commitment to providing the most advanced technologies but we also hold ourselves to the highest expectations when it comes to safety and appropriate use of each technology.

We understand that every patient has unique challenges, unique goals, and desires different outcomes. For this reason we partner with our patients to create an individualized treatment plan to achieve each patient’s beauty balance. We customize your treatments according to your skin type, age, downtime restrictions, budget, or any other factor that affects you. We aim to establish a long relationship with our patients based on trust and confidence.

Come visit us at Gravity MedSpa and see the difference in our medical philosophy, see the difference in how we treat our patients, see the difference in your skin, face, and body. Together we will defy gravity and achieve a more beautiful you.